All about Switches and Types of Switches

What is the function of Switches?
The basic function of switches is breaking the flow of electric current or diverting the electric flow from one conductor to the other. They can either be open or closed because there is no third option that is feasible for them to perform due to their electromechanical structure and functionality. There are numerous types of switches, which are very common due to their use in every house. However, majority of people are not aware of the types of switches as well as qualities and functions of switches. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular types of switches that are being used worldwide.

Types of Switches
Here are mentioned some of the basic types of switches that are very much of use in our daily lives.

  • Single Pole Switches

Single Pole Switches are one of the simplest types of switches; and they have the maximum use as compared to other types of switches. They can only be used to switch fixtures from a single particular location. Single pole switches do not have the ability to switch from multi locations. Their use is very common as they are used for turning on the lights and such stuff, which has one wired connection from beginning till the end.

  • Double Pole Switches
    Double pole switches are just like Single Pole Switches, but what differentiates them is the ability to receive two hot wires, which is not possible in other types of switches such as Single Pole.

  • Three-Way Switches
    With three-way-switches, one gets two different switching points for the same fixture, which is possible neither in single pole switches nor in double pole switches. Three-way-switches have 3 screw terminals and they are installed in duo. Moreover, unlike common types of switches, you won’t find on and off markings on three-way-switches.

  • Dimmer Switches
  • With Dimmer Switches, you are able to increase or decrease the intensity of a glowing electric light. You will find sliders and controlling knobs on these dimmers switches which are used to control the flow of the electric supply. Some types of switches in this category come with extremely high configuration, which can blow your lights up if they are more their intensity is more than the requirements.

  • Time Delay Switches
  • For switches that work on automatic timers, Time Delay Switches are very popular. Time Delay Switches allow you to set a specific time period of a certain device for remaining in a working position. After the given time ends up, the device automatically stops and it all happens on its own.

  • Timeclock Switches
  • Timeclock Switches and Time Delay Switches have almost same function but both belong to different types of switches. Here, the device can be set for both being on and off. In Time Delay Switches, you can only set the timings for a device to stay on. You can use these lights to operate lights, fans and other appliances even when you are not at home. Time Clock Switches only require a time setting after which everything would work on its own.

  • Pilot Light Switches
  • Pilot Light Switches are installed in between the running circuits and their only purpose is to show that whether a circuit is turned on or off. You would have noticed it in several appliances and switch boards. The common example that explains such types of switches is a standby mode of a TV set. The tiny little light on TV’s panel is an example of Pilot Light Switches.

  • Receptacle Switches
  • With Receptacle Switches you get a switch and a fixture together in a single box. Like a few other types of switches, Receptacle Switches are also wired in between the circuits.
These are the basic types of switches that play a big role in beautifying our daily lives. All these types of switches have variety of models and they come in different shapes and models, depending upon the required purpose and functionality. All these types of switches are available in local hardware stores.
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