Important Items Which You Must Put in the Handyman Agreement
A well designed handyman agreement is very important as it lets you, the homeowner; clarify all the issues with the handyman so that there is no conflict later on. Often homeowners want job done as quickly as possible so that they can avoid expensive repair jobs later on. As they are in a rush, homeowners do not think logically and make several assumptions. These assumptions lead to inaccurate estimates, miscommunication, conflict and other problems later on. Therefore, a handyman agreement is necessary to prevent such problems from occurring as it gets everything in writing. Some things that are to be included in your handyman agreement are given below
  • Detailed estimate of the work to be done should be included in the handyman agreement or contract. This detail should match your specification and requirements of the job. Do not make any assumptions on this.
  • The handyman agreement should also include a clear start and finish date. You should also decide what to do in case the project has started or has been finished late and this should be written in the handyman agreement. This will help in avoiding paying extra to the handyman or having the job left unfinished.
  • The handyman agreement should also state who will provide the materials for the job.
  • The steps to be taken in case of any damages caused by the handyman should be mentioned in the handyman agreement. Even if the job is small the handyman can cause great damage to your property so you should know what to do in this case.
  • You should also be prepared to tackle any unforeseen events by stating the procedure for handling them in the handyman agreement.
  • Have the handyman waive any liability in case of injury while working on your property by including the waiver in the handyman agreement.
  • You must also decide who will pay the additional expenses in case the expenses exceed the amount agreed and state it clearly in the handyman agreement.
  • In the handyman agreement, you have to include who is going to provide the work tools as a handyman does not always have a complete set of tools.
  • You should outline the payment plan and give detail about how deal with payment issues in the handyman agreement.
All of these things are necessary in a handyman agreement as they help in removing all doubt and also prepare you for dealing with various situations.
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