Remodeling Old Mobile Homes
People buy mobile homes to get comfortable home at affordable price. Per square foot price is very low as compared to conventional homes. Mobile homes will also offer you pleasant, beautiful, stylish and comfortable living space and other benefits of home ownership. But if you find that mobile home you have just purchased does not fulfill all the needs and is not comfortable for you, then it is the time to remodel it. Whether you are living in a mobile home or conventional home good maintenance and timely up gradations are necessary for its up keep. Some practical differences exist between maintenance, repairing and decoration of mobile homes. It is a bit difficult to perform do it your self remodeling projects for mobile homes.

Remodeling Old Mobile Homes
It is a fact that people normally do not like out dated homes, especially when they are purchasing old mobile homes they will become more conscious with this issue. But you can renovate your old mobile home with some basic work of up gradation at reasonable cost. Remodeling of older mobile homes is different from conventional home. Following are some important instructions for remodeling old mobile homes:

  • First thing is to consider the level of difficulty you are going to face while remodeling old mobile homes. It is a moderate project. Necessary things you need when remodeling old mobile homes include paint, paint brushes, plaster and flooring.

  • Carefully observe the old mobile home and prepare the list of problems you see. In many cases old mobile homes require replacing floors, walls, windows and sometimes even the appliances. Before replacing and upgrading any thing try to evaluate what is the problem causing factor and what will be the reason for problem in near future.

  • Walls give a specific character to a mobile home and an appearance of a site built home. One can change the stripping on wallboard to give a new look. Stripping can be replaced with plaster and then you can paint it in a color of your choice. Same way walls with paneling can also be remodeled by plastering lines in paneling to make smooth surface and painting it with any color of your choice. Adding baseboard and crown molding to walls give a look of site built house.

  • Removing linoleum by installing new flooring in your mobile home gives new and bright feel to the kitchen area. Changing carpet with a new carpet or laminate flooring is an extensive remodeling old mobile homes project.

  • Replacing and refurnishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets is also a useful option for remodeling old mobile homes. If it is possible, change or paint the knobs of the cabinets.

  • Another inexpensive way of remodeling old mobile homes is replacement of faucets of kitchens and bathrooms. If the sinks and bathtubs are chipped and cracked you can refinish them or replace them with a new set.

Some Facts about Remodeling Old Mobile Homes
For successful completion of remodeling old mobile homes, you must consider some tips and warnings. If you consider them while remodeling old mobile home, you can take full advantage of it. It is suggested to buy faucets and other hardware from actual mobile home store or mobile home stores that offer complete accessories with all necessary parts. Try to spend your money wisely due to the fact that remodel older mobile homes will not add resale value to your mobile home. You do not get back the money once you spend on remodeling old mobile house. Plumbing and electrical issues of old mobile homes should be gotten done by professionals. Do not try to solve these problems on your own.

Important Tips for Remodeling Older Mobile Homes
Following are some tips for repairing, maintaining and decorating your old mobile home. They will help you to perform these entire routine tasks in convenient and effective manner:

  • Accurate level is necessary for all mobile homes. If the level is out of order, you will not be able to close doors and window properly. It must be adjusted as soon as possible. If this issue is not fixed on time you will find cracks on the walls/ ceilings and floor will squeak when you will walk. This job can be efficiently done by professionals.

  • Try to repair holes before they cause further damage. You can simply repair these holes with tape and caulk.

  • Mobile home owners normally buy or rent out power washers to clean from outside. Follow each and every instruction very carefully otherwise you will get injured and even the exterior can not be cleaned without doing it.

  • If you are thinking to remodel interior of older mobile homes be careful when selecting materials for flooring and walls. You can not use all kinds of materials in mobile homes. 

  • Water stains is also a big issue in old mobile homes. They can be hidden through camouflaging because it is very difficult to remove ceiling tiles. There are certain stain blocking primers available in aerosol cans. You just need to spray them to cover the stains.

  • Always choose fixtures, knobs and faucets that are specially designed for mobile homes.
These are some basic tips that will help you with remodeling old mobile homes. All depends on how much you want to spend on remodeling. There are a number of remodeling options ranging from cheap to expensive. Do research before starting remodeling older mobile homes and select the best for your mobile home.
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