Remodeling an Attic

An attic is the room or space between top floor ceiling and roof of your house. In other words it can be defined as the free space above the ceiling of top floor. It has limited head space and exposed beam. It does not have corners due to roof pitch. The main purpose of building it is to provide insulation to living area of your home from roof, which directly receives scorching heat during summer and hold snow masses of winter. Due to this reason it must be properly insulated to keep the climate pleasant inside of your house.

Remodeling an Attic
Attic is an important part in any house. Home owners can utilize it for a number of purposes. Most commonly it is utilized as dry storage space or it can be even utilized as spare room if it is renovated in a proper way. Before planning for attic remodeling you have to consider some basic issues about the built pattern of your attic. For this you need to observe the structure of rafters supporting roof of your house. If you see that network of W-shaped joints supporting roof,  it is good not to remodel such attic. But if A-shape beams hold up the roof,  remodeling attic will be beneficial for home owner. It is because of difference in head space in both cases. W-shaped beams do not provide enough head space on the other side A-shaped beams offers good head space that allows you to remodel this space according to your needs.

Limitations of Remodeling an Attic
Remodeling an attic is a little different job as compared to other remodeling jobs of home. As we know it is a place with trusses and pitched roof. This can be the major draw back that does not allow you to use 100% space of your attic. Another factor that makes remodeling an attic a tough task is its accessibility. Most of the time accessibility to attic is difficult. Besides these limiting factors with nice renovation it can be converted into a spare bedroom, study, office, art studio, craft room or gym. To remodel an attic in proper way you need to do proper planning. It is not a do it yourself remodeling project. To use this unused place in a beneficial way it is necessary to hire a good consultant and architect.

Importance of Head Space in Remodeling an Attic
Head space is very important when remodelign an attic. Before planning about remodeling of this space you need to know the actual space you have. Determination of area with useable head space helps you to decide about the remodeling options you can use to remodel it. Pitch of the roof eliminates head space and area.

Insulation and Ventilation Key Components of Attic Remodeling Projects
Proper insulation is necessary to make your attic comfortable. It is also helpful in reducing energy bills of air conditioning and heating. Commonly fiber glass is used to insulate. But it is not the right choice for insulating area around heat source because paper in fiberglass is flammable. After insulation you can install dry walls in it to make interior walls. Ventilation can be considered as reverse of insulation. Proper ventilation maintains air flow in your room and gives fresh feel. It should be well planned to give you balanced air flow and to make sure that it does not destroy the climate of attic. Installation of ventilation systems require drilling in beams and installation of ventilation plugs. These plugs maintain the flow of fresh air and do not let the insects enter the house.

Building Dormers in Attic
Adding one or two dormers in your attic increase head space of this area and also gives great look from outside. This is a simple way to add a window to your attic area. It creates the feel of living in the tree tops. It typically provides more useable space and head room when built in attics.
Plumbing Work for Attic
If you are planning to add a bathroom in your attic, try to position it over the bathroom on the floor under this area. This will reduce the plumbing cost and also prevent room from cutting hole that normally is made to install new vent stack. 

Ideas for Remodeling an Attic
Remodeling an attic can be doen in a variety of ways depending on the budget and imagination.You can convert it into a work place, children play area or home gym. There are other endless options that you can utilize to remodel an attic. It can be renovated as an extra bedroom, living room, home theater, storage room and you can even fix your telescope there and use it as stellar room. Whatever way you are planning to remodel this space, easy accessibility to attic must be takne in account. Installation of stair case should be done in suitable manner so that it does not occupy a huge area.

Benefits of Remodeling an Attic
Major benefits that remodeling of attic offers are:

  • You get additional room for a number of purposes without constructing new room.
  • It adds value to your house and you can get good returns on it.
  • Provides extra square footages to your house useable area.
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